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Jul 17, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. on thursday the fbi announced it opened its own investigation into allegations that rupert murdoch's news corporation tried to hack into the phones of september 11th victims. >>> smooth sailing for l.a.'s i-405 after crews finished up work on that demolition project that shutdown 10 miles of the highway earlier than expected. feared the half million motorists would use the highway. it was hours ahead of schedule that reopening. >>> coming up on 9news now. a dangerous heat wave is gripping the country and the mercury isn't going down anytime soon. we understand that heat wave is coming this way? >> it certainly is. we are tracking the heat as it is moving on to the east and it will be here by mid-week. our almanac was quite nice. only 90 degrees. this is the end of the 80s and we are heading higher into the 90s. i will have your full forecast in a couple minutes. so tell us some army stories. our platoon was hunkered down. helicopters were approaching... (makes helicopter noises) sand was swirling everywhere! (makes swirling sand noises) i called... for... support. and then he heard it...
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1